Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NaNoWriMo Journal- November 17, 2015


So, today I wrote three and a half thousand words in my novel. I am hoping that I am starting a streak for the rest of the week, because that would be really great, to write 3,000 words and change everyday. That would certainly get me to the weekend ready to relax in the mountains!

Big News-- I passed the 30,000 mark! Hooray!

I am now at 32,488 and ready to go to bed, but hey, that ain't half bad. Looking forward to hitting that 35,000 mark very, very soon.


Alright, so yesterday, though, I was looking at my outline and my word count, and I thought Oh, no, there is no way I can stretch what I have planned for twenty thousand words. I was beginning to wonder if I could, after all, make it. I was doubting myself and my abilities. But then, with a sudden burst of inspiration, I went back to page one in my novel and began fleshing it out. I know that may seem like cheating, but I really just gave the bare minimum throughout almost the whole thing. No descriptions, very little use of the senses, and not enough conversations. And that way I was able to bump up my word count 1,000 words without having to go much further in my outline. That was pretty great, I have to admit. I plan to finish going through and fleshing out the story tomorrow.

Anyway, very excited about everything that is going on in my novel, and I am ready to take on a new day. Woot!

Until then, Happy Writing!

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