Tuesday, November 3, 2015

NaNoWriMo Journal- November 3, 2015

Not even lunchtime yet, and going strong. Go NaNoWriMo!
Today hasn't been quite as amazing as yesterday was, but all in all, NaNo is going really well for me. I hit 5,000 words today, (Yay!) and got to sleep in until 6:30 a.m., too. I am still on a Writing High, and hoping I don't run out of steam anytime soon.

Alright, down to the dirty stuff; I had to physically restrain myself from rewriting the beginning this morning. As the saying goes, what you love today, you'll hate tomorrow. I kind of felt like this:

Sad, but so, so true. (Although, no, I did not write 7,000 words in a day.) Ah, well. I ended up turning a blind eye to it for now. Hard as it was, I charged ahead without looking back (except to add stuff-- adding words is okay, encouraged, even; taking away words is sacrilegious.) I had to tell myself that: 

(So what if both these memes are Lord of the Rings? Not my fault...)

I was thanking my stars that I had an outline again today. I knew where I was going the whole entire time. That's kind of huge for me. And then, horror of horrors, I stopped writing. Apparently, WriMoians are supposed to write 50,000 words in a month, keep up a healthy diet, and still keep up with their lives. As much as I was tempted not to, I had to haul myself out of my oh-so-comfortable desk chair and actually do something this morning. How unfair is that? (Random thought: there should be a food and cleaning service solely for NaNoWriMers: food gets delivered, house gets                   cleaned, book gets written. And some company gets filthy stinking rich off suckers like me. Win, win, right?) 

Anyway, my word count is up to 5,102 words now, but I'm about to write more. Who knows, I might 6,000 words today. That would be pretty great. =)                                                                                   

Daily Writing Advice: Today's is a lot like yesterday's: just keep charging forward. There is no need      to stop now, or to go back and fix stuff. No, that is what January is for. Think of it like this: You        are a potter, and this book is your creation; you have to buy some clay and cut off the bit you'll be using from the lump before you can mold it in to a fine clay chalice. In your rough draft you are just getting yourself something to work with. And so what if it's not beautiful, not written with perfect prose? Chances are, no one will even see that particular draft but you. So get it out. Write. (And if you don't, I will have to inflict you with another terrible analogy. I have plenty.)

You have my best wishes, Writer. Now go make that title actually apply to you.                                    
As always, Happy Writing! 

Total Word Count at the End of the Day: 7,215


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  1. I love all of Zara's posts! They are full of funny and helpful hints. Thank you for writing. Keep it up!