Friday, November 6, 2015

NaNoWriMo Journal- November 6, 2015


After yesterday's hard-to-start-but-awesome-after-that writing day, today was a lot easier to get started. I am now up to 12,933 words, and my story is moving write along (yes, that was a writing joke). Very happy with my progress, seeing as it's only day five for me. (Again, very happy for my outline.)

So, on day one I found a major flaw in my outline: it was far too general. In it, I covered all the main(ish) and sub-main(ish) plot points, but I didn't fill it in or flesh it out in the least. Which, in some ways, is kind of nice, but in others, not-so-very-nice. How is that? Let's see... 

It is kind of nice in that I feel as if I have more room for my imagination to go to work now. That is not technically true, since an outline is never 100% binding, but it just seems like I have more leeway. And that's kind of exciting and refreshing for me everyday to come to.

Not-so-very-nice in that when I am not feeling inspired or excited or refreshed, I come to my story with an only-slightly-better-than-general idea of what I am writing today. And, as I am a firm believer in writing chronologically (just a personal preference, you don't have to get so defensive), I have to know where I am going with the story today. 

On a somewhat related note, something that really helps me to write well the next day, is to stop writing as soon as I get to a place in the story that I am excited to write, and saving that for the next day. Or, if that doesn't happen, I will stop writing in the middle of a sentence. This allows me to pick up exactly where I left off, and I get in the flow of the story much easier. 

If you are having trouble with starting up where you left off yesterday, try one of those ideas. Though the first one is the more difficult of the two to do, it works the best, because you will actually be excited to write the next day. And if you are anything like me, the longer you let thing percolate in your mind, the better they will be on paper (or screen?). 

Anyway, all's well here, and I'm looking forward to a whole day of writing tomorrow. Hope your writing is going just great, and that you are really inspired to keep writing. Even if you're not: 
                                                      And as always, Happy Writing!
                                               Word Count at the End of the Day: 13,974

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