Saturday, November 7, 2015

NaNoWriMo Journal- November 7, 2015

I've decided: I am going to win NaNoWriMo this year.

Aren't you just relieved that I made that decision? (Now we just have to see if I can realize it...)

Good news, folks! Today, I hit 15,000 words, and I'm excited to keep going. NaNoWriMo is going really well for me, and already I am coming up with ideas for next November.

So, I got up before 8 a.m. on Saturday to write. I think that shows some serious dedication. I have found that writing in the morning is best for me; the house is quiet, the world is drowsy, and I have plenty of time to just focus and write. And then, for the rest of the day it's not hanging over me in a gray cloud of guilt saying You haven't written yet. Why are you doing that when your word goal has not been reached? That story is not going to write itself. I. Hate. That.

To solve that problem, I write early in the mornings. And late at night. And anytime I can in-between the two. The only problem? Lack of sleep. I have actually started getting a cold from lack of sleep. Oops. I guess I should have added some vitamin C to my survival kit. =)

So, I got a little scared yesterday about my book. I thought that I might be too far in for my word count, so I spent a solid twenty minutes going over my outline and making sure I had enough story to spread over 125 pages and 50,000 words. But after a mini-heart attack and some reading and re-reading, I realized that I'm actually right on track. Thanks a lot, hyperactive imagination, for giving me a heart attack. Next time I'll probably go into a coma, and then where will I be?

However, at this rate, if I keep it up, I might have something like 60,000 words at the end of the month. Or fewer, you never know.

So, advice? Do. Not. Stress. There's no need! If your book is longer than 50,000, great. If it's shorter than 50,000, great! (You know, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was under 50,000 words.) It's your story. Tell it.

And as always, my Writerly friends, Happy Writing!

Word Count at the End of the Day: 16,527

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