Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What's She Writing?

Greeting, Writerverse!

So, I realized just today that I have told nothing about what I wrote for NaNoWriMo, and what I will be revising this January. For this I apologize, and I intend to remedy that problem right now.

I have been asked frequently over the course of November what I am writing, and never have I had a good answer for it. I could tell you what it's about, but not verbally, and in under twenty minutes. So, I spent some time writing a short synopsis. It is just a rough draft of it, but it should get the point across.

    Princess Zara Chriselda Valdus-filla has it all. She's strong, independent, beautiful and wealthy. There has never been anything that she could not handle on her own, and in her mind, there never will be. But when faced with a changing prophecy, Zara must embark on a harrowing journey to preserve Endoria from dire evil. Along the way, she begins to question everything; including herself. Why would someone like her ever need help?

                                           And if she does, will she realize it to late?

So, that is what I am working on now. I think that it will be considered either middle grade or young adult (or, really, whatever is in the middle of those).

Now, during November I posted an excerpt of my novel on the NaNo website. I will add that here, too, as long as you promise me to remember that it is just a rough draft. A very rough draft. Bearing that in mind, I hope you enjoy this brief excerpt from somewhere near the middle of my story...

   Half snake and half dragon, the creatures expertly avoided every arrow. My vision began to blur with pain, and I smelled smoke. I gave a satisfied cry when I finally managed to slice off one of the creatures heads. A yank at my hair, a claw at my side, fire on my arm, they were all over me, and there is nothing I can do about it. The horses have bolted but there is no time to think on that as I swipe at them, ripping my skin to shreds. Blood is pouring from a wound in my side, and I can't even feel my left calf anymore as I battle furiously. The beasts will not win.
   “Cayden!” I call breathlessly. “Run! We have to run!” Even as I say it, I have begun sprinting away from the swarm of Drakes. I hear Cayden following me as I whip my sword through the air again, killing two of them at once. I feel one on my back and another on my left ankle, but there is nothing I can do about that now. My heart is pumping uncontrollably in my chest, thundering in my ears, and all I can think is away, I have to get away, away. 
   A sharp, deep pain erupts in my ankle where the Drake was just a moment ago. A scream rips from my throat as I stagger on. But the Drakes are relentless. They follow us for miles, long past their wooded homes. We have come out of the Redwood part of the forest, but the swarm follows us still. I am losing all feeling in my left leg below he knee now, and it becomes harder to move. Cayden comes up beside me and wraps a strong arm around my waist, half helping, half dragging me along the path. All I hear is my own heartbeat now, and the thick, hot blood rushing in my ears.

Yep, that's that. As I am sure you can tell, that is only a rough draft. I hope to clean it up soon. But hey, that's what the revision process is for right? 

I hope that that was somewhat beneficial or at least a bit entertaining for you, but now, friends, I think you have some writing to do. Hop to!

As always, Happy Writing!  

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