Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Writing During the Christmas Rush--


Next week is Christmas (can you believe it?), and here we are, at the brink of the New Year. People are busy, bustling from place to place, whether it is to purchase gifts, or perhaps to meet people. The air is full of bells ringing, voices laughing and carols being sung. There are candles in windows and trees in houses and stockings over fireplaces. When you step outside, the cold wraps itself around you. It is, in short, Christmastime.

But here is the question of the hour: What Are You Writing?

Have you forgotten about that notebook and pen? Have you neglected that laptop? Are you turning a blind eye to that dust-collecting novel, or are you saying "Oh, I will get to writing in the New Year"? Here's a little hint: If you put it off now, you'll put it off later.

Being a Writer, an Author is not just a once a year deal. Yes, you did fabulously in November, but you can not just stop now. Now is when you need to write more than ever. After working so hard in NaNoWriMo to get started, to gain momentum, to force yourself to write, now is when you prove you are a writer. So you got your rough draft down in a month-- Good! But I am here to tell you that rough drafts do not make it into publishing houses.

Just like I said in November, Suck It Up And Do It Anyway. You don't want to write, you're just not feeling it, you have too much else to do, Christmas is too busy, you have a stack of laundry a mile high... These are all excuses I have heard before. I have even used a few of them before. But guess what? You can still make time to write. Maybe you could only watch one episode instead of the usual two of that show you are binge-ing. Maybe you will not go out dancing tonight just so you can have some alone time with that laptop. Or maybe you will just grab snippets of time here and there all throughout the day. (Those five minute intervals add up.)

It is Christmastime, I know, and the world is crazy busy, yourself included. But heck, why not add a little more crazy to your holiday? Eat some figgy pudding while you write. Stick some sugar cookies in the oven with a timer, and then make your way to your desk. Or maybe you can go for a walk and see all the blinking holiday lights, gathering inspiration for your literary concoction. Just don't stop at looking for inspiration. Even if none comes, you still have to write.

So, now you have to strap yourself into that chair at that desk in that room and focus. There is so much going on this time of year that your mind will be abuzz with activity. Pull from that and find a way to weave it craftily into your story. Does it have to be your NaNo Novel? Of course not. Now you can write anything. You can work on some short stories. You can start that biography you've been meaning to get around to. Or, if you are daring enough, you can even start a brand-spanking-new novel. It does not matter what you write, so long as you actually write. 

So stop reading blog posts meant to inspire (or guilt) you into writing, and write. Remember, some letters make a word, some words make a sentence, some sentences make a paragraph, some paragraphs make a chapter, and some chapters make a book.

So go make a book.

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