Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Apology and an Update--

First and foremost, let me apologize for not being half so faithful to you, my readers, as you have been to me.

 I will strive from here on out to be a better blogger, writer, encourager and friend. Who's with me?

That aside, let me bring you in on an update of my revising.

To the point, not much has been happening with my NaNo novel. Why, you faithfully-perfect NaNo Revisers ask? Because it's hard. Yes, sadly those rose-colored glasses have been worn away, and now I am stuck wishing for a cheese grater over my forehead if it means this will just stop.

Yes, I am in a rut. Yes, that rut happens to be of my own making. Yes, I am unhappy about it. But I looked into the archives of this blog, and I found several inspiring pieces. (Is it sad that I am inspiring myself through this? Maybe. Probably. Yes.) I thought I would share that with you.

"Suck it up and do it anyway.
Don't feel like writing? Suck it up and do it anyway. Don't have any awesome inspiration? Suck it up and do it anyway. Have so many other things to do before you write? Suck it up and do it anyway. Have any other excuses that are really lame and irrelevant? Suck it up and do it anyway. If you give in to every one of these excuses, then sure, your car and house will be clean, you might have taken the dog for more walks than he's had in years, you might have actually turned in all of your papers on time for the first time ever, but what about your novel? The one you made so many promises to and about, the one you couldn't wait to write in week one? It will sit, get dusty, and you will lose NaNoWriMo. But how do you win? You don't give up, you write on, and you suck it up and do it anyway." (From Writing Tips-- Writing Through "The Slump" That is Week Two-- ) 

So, what will I do? You got it! I will Suck it Up and Do It Anyway.

Okay, I am now sufficiently motivated; time to revise!

So, my advice to you is, don't give in to the pressures of melancholy writing and revising; if you go in to a revising session thinking it will be miserable, it will be. But if you go in thinking something positive and fresh (Like, I'm getting closer to having a really good book!), then, chances are, you will have a better time of it. 

And remember: Don't Give Up! 

As always, Happy Writing and Revising! 

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