Monday, January 11, 2016

How's She Doing?

So, I have neglected to tell you anything (other than how hard it is to print things and how good it feels to hold your manuscript) about how my writing/revising is going. I was going to in the last post, but it got to be too long, so here we are. Let me enlighten you in the goings on of my novel.

As you know, I got my book printed, and have been working with a real-paper-and-ink copy these last few days. Mind you, I have only had it since Friday (the 8th), but I have been hard at it since then. If you read my post on The Revision Process, you will note that I am at about steps three to five simultaneously. I am working on a hard copy, and I have marked up all sorts of things with my trusty red pen. My book looks like this now:

I have mostly been fixing the flow of my sentences, and misspellings and grammatical errors, but I have also kept an eye open for sagging sections, boring passages, and murky middles. Iv'e also got to make sure that no plot holes abound. I have to see which character needs fleshing out and who could be toned down; I have to look for places that descriptions are needed, and where I could cut them. There is a lot going through my mind as I work on this.

And this is only the beginning; I'm only 11 pages in.

However, I have been thoroughly enjoying myself through it all. It feels so satisfying to look at a page I just finished and see all those red marks and lines that have been struck through. Why? Because I know that it is making my work better. And I want this book to be the best that it can be. So even though I am scrapping a lot of those words I wrote in November, I am not disheartened, for I know that I am replacing those words with better ones.

So, over all, it goes slowly, but well over here. How about you? How's your revising going? Feel free to let me know in the comments! We bloggers love hearing from our readers. #bloggerlove

Until then, then.

Happy Writing and Revising, y'all.

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