Friday, February 5, 2016

Write On Entries-


So far I have gotten three entries for Write On, Right On, and my, oh my, you have all shown me a wonderful bit of creativity and artistic genius! I have decided to add one entry today, and another tomorrow, and so on.  Here is the first entry I received:

Author: Sigrid B.

Prompt: A boy, a key, and meting snow

Snow is white. New. Snow creates another world. A wonderland. An illusion. Snow is the thin layer between fiction and reality. Snow is a lie. As a writer is a liar. Unblemished white snow hide gray stone. As the stone warms she deposes the snow. Tears melt from the snow and roll to the ocean. Because reality is too strong. Too hard and steadfast. So I've always seen it.

That's why I became a liar. That's why I became a writer. With tales I can hide reality from her. So that I can protect her from the melting snow. As the writer along with the snow is the best liar. I lie too her with words and tell her how beautiful the world is. I create a paradisaical world and promise her that the future is prosperous. I hang a veil of ink that fades the world.

While I whisper in her ear, I play with the tiny key hanging from her necklace. With my fingertips I glide over the engravings. 'Fiction est clavis ducure meus relitas.’ She closes her eyes and let her drift away from reality by the rhythm of my words. As a mantra I repeat the quote in my head. Fiction is the key to my reality. I let my fingers gently glide through her soft hair. With my words, I take her on a journey to worlds larger than ours. I show her peace. I let her experience happiness. I tell her about true equality. I'm building a layer of snow between now and maybe. Because reality is too strong. Too hard and steadfast.

Fiction est clavis ducure meus relitas. So I've always seen it.

Remember, it's not too late to send in your entries! Just write the scene (following the guidelines from Write On, Right On) and email it to I look forward to seeing more of this great creativity break forth!

As always, Happy Writing!

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