Saturday, February 6, 2016

Write On Entry #2

Another very creative entry for Write On. 

Author: Brandon R.

Prompt: A tombstone, twins and a trail.

"Come on, Junie," Jared called, standing atop the rock. He held out his hand for his sister, who grasped it weakly, gasping. The twins were eager to be on their way, but the trail was hard, and June had, ah, lacking abilities when it came to being outdoors. Jared pulled June up the rock, and they sat down for water. June's face was red, but she was obviously trying to appear as if this all came naturally to her. She pulled the old map out of her pocket.
          "Lemme see," Jared snatched the yellowed paper from his sister, holding it up and away from her grabbing fingers. "Look," he said," if this is right--"
          "Of course it's right. It was his," June cut in, but Jared ignored her. "Then..." he turned the paper sideways, squinting in the light. He read the words inscribed, and nearly dropped the precious little map. 
          "My word," he muttered, daring to stand slowly. His sister raised an eyebrow, but said nothing as he looked from the map to the rock beneath them. "June," he breathed, "stand up." She complied, clambering to her feet noisily. "What is it?" She leaned over to look at the aging map. The realization dawned on her slowly at first, and then all at once. "Jared," she said, her voice gone soft, "does that mean that the tomb is...?"
          "Right beneath our feet," Jared supplied. He grinned. "We're standing on the tombstone." 

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