Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Some Musings on the Origins of Stories--

Imagine this scene: You are sitting at an outdoor table at some quaint and charming cafe, and you clutch a warm, frothy beverage of your choice. You squint in the warm sun beams, and a person walks by on the street. This person has a purple wig, green nail polish, and a sad looking pup in her purse. Now you tell me: what's her story?

Now imagine this: You are in an airplane, traveling out of the country. As you take off, the thrill in your stomach crashes down on you, making you want to jump out of your skin. And then you wonder: can someone jump out of their skin? 

Now, before you start calling me crazy (which I am, I thought we already discussed this), think on this: this is where stories come from. They don't come from some sudden realization, from some Magic Story Muse. They come from you, from what you observe, what you think, what you imagine. Stories don't just fall into your lap willy-nilly. You have to work for them, to discover them.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: When you open a blank document, when all the nerves of starting a new book, a new novel, a new story, don't think of it as blank; rather think of it as full, bursting with possibilities and ideas. It's simply your job to find your story among it all and tell it. Only you can.

Happy Writing.

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