Sunday, November 6, 2016

NaNoWriMo Journal- November 5, 2016

So, everyone, I am sitting in the car on the way back from my lovely weekend in the mountains. I have been able to write lots here, and came to a cool place—drum roll, please—I hit 15,000 words today! I've kind of been on a roll this week; I got way ahead on the first day, and have stayed ahead all week. So, yay!

Tomorrow is Sunday, and if you were with me last year, you know that I always take Sundays off, for multiple reasons that I will not go into here. But I am ahead enough to get me through to Monday, and on Monday, I am going to write lots and stay ahead all month long. Well, that's the plan, anyway. *smiles

Today I hiked back to the summit again, right after lunch. Bad plan. I got so close, but my heart was pounding, and my muscles were burning and I actually considered just falling over in the pine needles until I could hear my own thoughts over the thundering of my heart. But, of course, once I was up there, once I looked around at the beautiful views, I knew once more that it was all worth it.

I have gotten a lot written on this trip, more than I thought I would if I am honest with myself. I wasn't sure exactly how well I would do when the thrall of the mountains surrounded me, but I'm quite proud of myself. Hooray for NaNoWriMo!

I did several self-challenging word sprints, which were lots of fun. Ten minutes was my standard, and the most I got written in that time was 316 words. I want to get that number up some more over the rest of the month. But word sprints are great! They really helped me when I had just come from a mountainesque activity and wasn't in the writing zone. They helped me to get buckled down and focused and ready to bang out some words for this novel.

Anyway, the trip home has been great, but it's time for me to go now; I have some words in me yet!

Keep at it, and as always,

Happy Writing!

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